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Breakfast at Apa Villas is a leisurely affair served from 7.30 AM to 10.30 AM as you sit before the splendid gardens  with bird calls and rustling leaves.


You start off with pure fruit juice and a plate of fresh tropical fruit whatever the season offers.

indulge in a full western breakfast of your choice . or 


Tired of eggs and cereals? We offer a Sri Lankan breakfast unlike any you will find. These are the Pan-Hoppers made with rice flour, coconut juice and milk and a touch of sugar, cooked crisp on the rim in a small pan. Some like it plain or with an egg added in the centre of the pancake. For breakfast, hoppers are eaten with a light coconut milk curry and a spicy sambol relish.

Never leave breakfast without savouring the favourite buffalo milk curd and sweet palm sugar treacle. Buffalo milk curd is a regional specialty delivered daily from up the coast. Need we mention that you will enjoy Ceylon tea or island-grown coffee with breakfast?


As the day stretches lazily before you, we offer an All-Day Menu of a range of light meals, salads, sandwiches, savoury snacks,  sweet treats fitting for the hungry and not so famished. You could say that we know our international travellers well and we provide a tempting page of Asian, Western and in-between dishes all cooked fresh with the best ingredients in our kitchen.

Similarly, our Kids' Menu of all-time favourite spaghetti, burgers, fried rice, chicken , fish and chips made from fresh ingredients will please parents and children alike.

Look out for our homemade Popsicles from pure fruit juice. Nothing beats the mouth-tingling flavor of ripened pineapple, creamy nectar of mango or the natural taste of watermelon and tangy passion fruit. Enjoyed right by the poolside or on the deck.

The lunch Menu is available throughout the day until 5.30 PM. 


When the twilight is gone, we present our choice of two- or three-course set Dinner Specials, Seafood Celebration, Singapore Chili Crab Night and signature Rijstafel (Rice Table) or Sri Lankan dinner changing day to day. All very exciting for holidaymakers to sit back and enjoy our newly-introduced Singapore Straits Chinese cuisine and Western-style Dinners with the catch of the day and fresh meat supplies to make evening meals special indeed.

We request guests to order early in the afternoon for Dinner Specials or even 24 hrs in advance to source the best live crab and seafood.

An evening menu to order à la carte will be given for late orders.

We prepare vegetarian dishes effortlessly and respect the needs of vegans replacing dairy with local produce like rice flour and coconut milk or cream. Our Straits Chinese desserts use rice flour or bean flour, palm sugar and coconut that are ideal for those intolerant of wheat, egg or dairy.

We take pride that we grow our own local red rice, fruit, vegetables and herbs in a safe organic way without the use of chemical pesticide and fertilizer.


Our spacious lawn and beachfront garden have provided some amazing backdrops for many wedding parties, birthday celebrations and group outings. Our skilled chefs can also cater for functions.

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